Writing Diary, Entry 1, 31/07/2013

So, after knocking it around my head today, I’ve decided to keep a writing diary on here. Feel free to peruse and but it’ll mainly consist of me trying to sort out my scatterbrained ideas and figuring what to pursue tomorrow. My lecturer told me it was healthy to do this online as people can monitor whether or not you’ve lost your sanity while sitting in front of a screen all day.

Once again, I’ve had a dry spell today. I managed to vent out 2000 odd words as part of building a potential one man poetry show but it is very embryonic. I’m trying to make it funny, surreal, poignant and purposeful all at once, which is difficult while free writing and of course, frustrating when you can’t seem to crack it straight away. I am currently learning two of my performance poems for a slam in August and I made decent headway with those today. What I wish I had devoted most attention to was shaping some new material, editing and writing new stuff for those but it seemed like I could only focus on this on man show idea. Not productive. I’m thinking I should divide what I focus on daily and at least practice poems every morning. Sounds like a good way to start the day… Being super articulate after trying to wake up. Looking to submit to some magazines but trying to make sure all lineation is right and the poems are right for the page requires so much time and I haven’t seemed to catch the focus yet.

For those who don’t know me, I’ve just returned from uni, having just completed a Creative Writing degree, so I’m still adjusting to being amid my family again… And my younger brother and sister are on school holidays, so instantly my ethic is relaxed. I’ve never wished for a routine so much. Tomorrow will be sending out to magazine day, along with some edits and competition entries. And practice. I must practice…

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