Tour’s Over!

I have come to the end of making poems from tour set lists, gruelling over how to change the use of the word ‘spark’ and all the others. It has been an interesting challenge, one that I will continue whenever I’m on tour again…

The song titles that these prompts come from deal with love and thus bend the poems to that particular theme, not that we ever leave love. I’ll stand by forever saying that everything we write contains or comes from love in some form, even in its absence. But I’ve always struggled writing romantic love and have found myself closer to it in these poems… For good or bad.

Here is the list of prompt words I will be avoiding for a while… Feel free to spot them in the poems like a Where’s Wally for dictionary enthusiasts or to use them in your writing… As if you need my permission to do so…

The words are:
– Spark
– Stays
– Boys
– Silhouettes
– Time
– Roses
– Tear
– Return
– Hey
– Cocaine
– Train
– Houdini
– Magnet
– Heart
– Love
– Good
– Pet
– Acoustica
– Cellophane
– Faith
– Fighter
– Rosemary
– Outrageous
– Pray

Venue Names:
– The Art House
– Asylum
– The Steamboat
– Shift Radio
– The Thirsty Scholar
– Propaganda
– The Cave
– The Railway Inn
– Proud

The poems don’t really reflect the tour, maybe in very indirect ways but I’ll account my first band tour experience one day in a biography if I live long enough to justify writing something like that…

The band I was touring with was a backing band for singer/songwriter/acoustic madman, Scott Freeman. The songs the poems are derived from belong to him. You can find him and listen online here:

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