Hi. I’m Antosh Wojcik, perfomance poet and writer. I see with my voice; this is where some of the spit sticks. I eat sky confetti whenever it falls. I attempt to articulate truth with words, nerves and gestures. Expect conviction, absurdity and nudity.  My blog features sounds, poems for performance, poems for page, reviews, diaries, the odd flash fiction and links to many other wonderful things on the internet – no cats, I promise. If you’d like to get into contact about booking for an event and/or would like to see more portfolio work, or just discuss the wonders of writing, please email me at antoshwojcik@hotmail.co.uk. My Facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/antoshwojcikpoet. And if you like birds, I twitter here: https://twitter.com/antoshwojcik

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Antosh!
    I have seen you perform at the RoundHouse Finals on Youtube. Although you might have heard it a good number of times, it was a well knit piece. The total idea of invisibility and visibility was shown and sown so well. I felt that you were talking about the switching off and switching on of invisibility cloaks and the choices one might prefer making at different times about them. What was also catchy was how you the problems of security, proximity and how all of it is embedded in the spirit of seeing/unseeing or choosing to be seen/ unseen. The reality of Steve, the reality of the companionship and the reality of his death are something that I remember when I look at the whole story about that time you were speaking about. I’ll read your other poems and then probably get back to you after I try to see the ecosystem of your poetry.

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