Muse Arcade – Kid Glove Zine

Having graduated from our Roundhouse Poetry Collective programme 2013/14 and leaving the inspiration and guidance of Bohdan Piasecki, we have transformed into Kid Glove Collective to further our artistic engagement in the world of spoken word and poetry. Kid Glove poets are Joel Auterson, Sophie Fenella, Carmina Masoliver, Rochelle Sampy, Chris Lawrence, Sarah Perry, Maeve Scullion, Rose Swainston and myself.

We’ve produced an online zine as part of the project, Muse Arcade, which is a communal poetry exercise aiming to challenge collectives and writing groups to produce chapbooks or small collections of their work. We were offered a number of prompts that acted as titles for our pieces and we then produced work engaging with each of the titles. Above is a link to Kid Glove’s poetry generated for this project, have a read if you have the time!

If you’d like to be involved, Muse Arcade can be found here:

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